Month: May 2014


I grew up in Sacramento, California and was born in March of 1980.  I was introduced to art at an early age from my grandfather George Shelton who besides being my hero, was an accomplished artist himself.  He taught me the classics when it came to art and philosophy.  He taught me to keep an open mind when it came to art and my life as well.  I would spend hours and hours at my desk or at the kitchen table drawing, painting, or building models.  As I grew, so did my sphere of influence.  I was drawn to large street murals and train murals too.  I also visited many museums and galleries with my family and friends to check out Fine Art.  My life revolves around art and music.  This will never change.  My interest in graffiti  continued to grow, and I love to go into train yards to take photos of the graffiti on the trains.  It is very interesting to see art from all over the country traveling on the rails.  I am part of a graffiti crew based in Sacramento, but has members nationally.  We work together collectively to complete large scale projects.  As an artist, I consider myself a Fine Street Artist because my artistic inspiration comes from both avenues.  I love the classics, Michelangelo, DaVinci, Rockwell, Mucha, and many others.  I am going to bridge the gap between the gallery space and the public areas and walls by combining and changing the way people think about both.  I am currently a full-time art student pursuing my BFA degree at Sierra Nevada College at Lake Tahoe. My graphics company will be opening this year with a website to support it as well.